GIBCO Lifecard+ 100k Coverage


            – For a one-time annual payment of ₱424 .00, enjoy one (1) year Life Insurance Coverage with Death       Benefit, Accidental Death and Total and Permanent Disability.


    • Death Benefit (₱ 100,000): Provides a lump sum benefit for the death of the insured.
    • Total and Permanent Disability (₱ 100,000): Provides a benefit if insured is totally and permanently disabled due to any cause.
    • Accidental Death (₱ 100,000): Provides an additional lump sum benefit for death of the insured if due to an accident.

    • 4 to 65 years old at the time of application 
    • Employees or members who are actively performing ALL Activities of Daily Living
    • Employee-Employer Groups Non-Employee-Employer Groups

                   Ineligible Industries
          • Military, Police, Fire stations, or Rescue units
          • Gas plants, Oil refinery, Explosives/Gunpowder Manufacturing
          • Boiler/pressure vessels manufacturing
          • Offshore workers
          • Professional Sports
          • Businesses with air worker
          • Businesses relating to weapons of war
          • Mining industry, drilling, oil, coal, petroleum, and gas
          • Fishing-related business, Ocean vessel, Shipping of goods or parcels, Dock
          • Gun/armed Security
          • Politicians except Tanod
          • Any occupation that involves working at a height of 15 meters above ground level, underground or    underwater

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