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GIBCO CTPL Private Cars (Including Jeep and Utility Vehicles)

CTPL might be more known as a car registration requirement, but it is also a way for motorists to keep our streets — and the pedestrians in it — safer everyday 

Guevent Insurance Broker Corp offers CTPL insurance at an affordable price. Enjoy One (1) year Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance  


Death Indemnity: 70,000
Burial and Funeral Expenses: 30,000

Bodily Injuries and Fractures

– Surgical Expenses – Anesthesiologist’s Fee
– Operating Room
– Medical Expenses
– Hospital Rooms

– Drugs and Medicine
– Ambulance

Permanent Disablement
Two Limbs
– Both Hands, or all fingers and both thumbs
– Both Feet
– One Hand and One Foot
– Sight of Both Eyes
– Injuries resulting in being permanently bedridden
– Any other injury causing permanent total disablement
– Arm at or above elbow
– Arm between elbow and wrist
– Hand
– Four Fingers and Thumb of one hand
– Four Fingers
– Leg at or above knee
– Leg below knee
– One Foot
– All toes of one foot
– Thumb
– Index Finger
– Sight of one eye
– Hearing (Both Ears)
– Hearing (One Ear)


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