Guevent Insurance Broker Corp is dedicated to ensuring the financial security of its customers against sudden events resulting to loss through the use of safe and secure cashless transactions to guarantee convenience without compromising their rights to data privacy, full transparency and excellent customer service.

Our customer service representatives are dedicated in pursuing excellence in customer service beyond just customer satisfaction making sure that we are responding promptly to your concern and assist you with your insurance needs. The details of our insurance products are available on our e-shop to address any queries prior to the completion of any sales transaction.


• Click “Shop” on the Home Page and choose the desired product category.
• Hover the mouse over the desired product to check the product description and click “Add to Cart”.

Note: The products  will be added on your cart.

• To view all the products you added to your cart and the subtotal, click the shopping cart icon.
• To proceed with the purchase, click “checkout”.
• You will be directed to “My Account” page. Kindly log in to proceed.
• Fill-in all necessary billing details and click “Proceed to Payment”.
• Final summary will be shown.
• You will be redirected to the 
Paynamics Gateway Page.

Information: Paynamics has been providing online payment in the Philippines for more than 10 years with a 50 million+ transactions

• Click “Agree to terms and conditions”.
• Select payment method.
• Click “Continue”
• After clicking continue, you will be directed to the secure page of your preferred payment method to complete your purchase securely.
• Once transaction is complete, a sales associate will be in touch with you shortly

By subscribing to these products and services, Guevent Insurance Broker Corp. recognizes the legality and enforceability of any policy and/ or agreements issued through electronic transactions in accordance with the rules provided under Republic Act 8972 otherwise known as Electronic Commerce Act of 2000. (This statement is also in compliance with 8.9)

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